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“Solidify has the talent and drive to succeed on a bigger scale in the music industry. Their steady growth has allowed them to gain a loyal following, and their creative songwriting along with their strong live show will continue to bring fans their way. This is a band who has the potential to continually impress audiences throughout the region and eventually on a national level.”
                                              - Addie Hayes, Regional Music Journal

Solidify is a hard rock band burning its way out of Fort Smith, AR, with a heavy yet accessible style characterized by dirty guitar tones, mesmerizing drum beats, deep driving bass lines, and gravelly vocals that deliver engaging melodies. This sound has been the driving force behind the band’s growing fanbase across Mid-Western Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas. Known not only for catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics, much of their appeal is found in their “true-to-rock” live show designed to give their audience an exciting, memorable experience. Their first EP, titled “Prima Materia”, was recorded with producer Kyle Simpson of Simpson Studios in Broken Arrow, OK, and was released in March 2019. They’re currently working on recording their next EP and spreading their reach even further.

Solidify recently played D&B’s Roadhouse Stage at Rocklahoma 2019. Their music has been picked up on apps such as Rock Rage Radio, Alchemy Radio, and Element Radio and 40+ other internet radio stations. They’ve also received spins on The Fort 94.5's Arklahomagrown show in Fort Smith, AR, WMIC Miami, FL, DOMKcast on KMOD in Tulsa, OK, and The Valley 97 FM in Canberry, Australia. Solidify has shared the stage with such acts as SOiL, Blacktop Mojo, Texas Hippie Coalition, Gemini Syndrome, and Messer, and the list looks to be growing with each passing gig.

Merch - http://solidify.threadless.com/