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Updated: Mar 6, 2018

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"Insomnia" single review 

by Chris Gilliam

     Last year, Laura and I ventured into a Vanguard performance to see some friends of ours, Kick Tree (now Out of Sink) and the New Time Zones.  We stumbled in at the perfect time to see a band we had heard of but not seen at the time, Solidify.  We were immediately impressed with the band's sound, their voice, the entire package.  After meeting the gentlemen that night, it was apparent that they are as humble and nice as they sound as; kindred spirits for sure.  Since then, they've gone on to open for Texas Hippie Coalition, City of the Weak and also played with some great regional talent as well including Reliance Code, Vague Vendetta, Fist of Rage, Judgment Finger and the list goes on and on.       Their latest performance at HolataFest this month seemed to be a turning point.  Watching and recording the performance was an opportunity to really step back and see the progress that has occurred in the six months we've known these cats.  Impressed doesn't begin to describe.  The boys are finding something unique and original about their sound while also hearkening back to the foundations laid prior by genre-defining bands.      In reviewing their latest single "Insomnia," I am still continuing to be impressed beyond measure and ecstatic.  "Insomnia" starts out with a kick in the face from the get go.  Steady beat, similar to that of Bullet for my Valentine with a mix of Breaking Benjamin-esque vocals that Craig delivers with perfect harmonies blending those various familiar sounds together into something new and fresh, and exciting to see from a local band.  Solidify's "Insomnia" is a steady stream of awesomeness from a group of young men that have an extremely bright future and a brilliant single.  

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